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The Process


There are so many different fabrics out there in the world. We search around the world to find or create patterns and colours that fit the brand, trends for the season and for the year.
We love pops of colour and dramatic shades. The patterns we create or select are not typically found in the scrunchies or headwraps in the market. We make sure the designs we select will work best for the products we create. 
Each piece of fabric used in our products are hand selected by the design team, aka Nav and Manny. Fabrics are researched, they're researched, and then they become part of the production process. 
Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. That's why we have a testing process. We use one yardage of the new fabric. We create different pieces with that fabric and test out those products. 
We take pride in our craftsmanship. Each piece we produce is handcrafted in some way. Over the years, we have improved our craft to ensure we are always creating the best product out there. 
From the sewing machines we use to the precise hand stitching, each item is made with impeccable attention to detail. Our products are either made 100% in Canada or designed and finished in Canada, by hand.